2018 Avalon Pontoon Boats Available Soon from Boat Dealers in Fenton, MI!

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Have you heard that the new 2018 Avalon pontoon boat models are coming out soon? It’s true! This upcoming season, Avalon will be releasing an exciting lineup of brand new luxury pontoons! That means new and improved pontoon boat options are on the horizon. Check in with Lake Ponemah Marina for updates and more information.

Like other types of boats, pontoon boats can be customized and features added to create your perfect boat. Do you enjoy fishing? Cruising? Partying? Maybe you like doing it all! The great thing about pontoon boats is that you’re not committed to one type of activity.

What are pontoon boats made of?

Pontoon boats are lightweight vessels with hulls constructed of large tubes that thin out at the front of the boat—these tubes are pontoons. Pontoons are connected to the deck platform (made out of aluminum, wood or fiberglass) by an aluminum frame attachment, and a railing goes all around the boat’s deck to act as a safety measure for boat passengers and their belongings. This type of boat can go fast on the water and allows for better movement.

Getting a boat is a big decision and a big purchase. Do you think a pontoon boat is right for you? Below, boat dealers in Fenton, MI share some of the advantages of owning a pontoon boat:

  • Go fishing and waterskiing:
    Know what you want to use the boat for before buying. For many people, they want to take it fishing one day and waterskiing the next. A pontoon is maneuverable enough to get fishermen through narrow, shallow spaces, while having a spacious deck allows for a waterskiing party. There’s plenty of room all around the boat to enjoy these activities.
  • Perfect for families:
    Traditional family boats, while nice looking and sturdy, don’t allow much room for children to move around and play, and this can lead to boredom. In a pontoon, kids can jump, run and climb, or sit at a table to play a game. Because pontoons can hold 10 or more people, your older kids can invite their friends along.
  • Customizable:
    Thanks to the open deck, you can customize your seating. You can also add an enclosure for cozy nights, or a canopy to provide afternoon shade.
  • Comfortable:
    The average pontoon comes with a large deck area and comfortable couches to lounge on, meaning some of your party can waterski while others sit back and relax, taking in the scenery.
  • Spacious:
    You and your boat guests will likely bring towels, blankets, ice chests with food and drinks, extra clothes and more. Luckily, pontoons have plenty of storage space on board.

If you would like to learn more about pontoons or are ready to choose one now, make the call to the knowledgeable team at Lake Ponemah Marina. You can also visit us, your local pontoon boat dealers in Fenton, MI, to get a closer look at these fantastic vessels. We look forward to showing you the 2018 Avalons soon!

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