Top Snowmobile Maintenance Services to Be Aware of This Winter

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If you own a pontoon or another type of boat, then boat repair in Fenton, MI is likely on your mind right before the boating season. Likewise, you will have snowmobile maintenance and repair at the top of your to-do list when the snowy winter months come around. Snowmobiles need regular checkups, both prior to and at the end of the sledding season, to ensure that all their parts and components are in good condition and in place. From tightening loose bolts to fixing a leaky exhaust, there are several tasks that need to be done for optimal sled performance.

The key to preventing snowmobile breakdowns is preventative maintenance and yearly services. This winter season, Lake Ponemah Marina is ready to provide snowmobile repair services to ensure rider safety and comfort. Who would have thought that their local marina did more than boat repair in Fenton, MI?

Here are some of the top snowmobile maintenance services to be aware of this season:

  • Change the chain case oil: Snowmobiles need fresh, clean oil to keep parts cool and running smoothly—especially the chain and sprockets inside the chain case. This is accomplished when the parts are coated in oil, so make sure to change the oil at least once a year. Also, check that seals are not damaged to prevent fluid leaks.
  • Inspect the exhaust system: It’s not unusual for your snowmobile’s exhaust system to fall victim to problems. Be sure to inspect it regularly for gasket leaks, broken springs and damaged mounts; start looking at the exhaust manifold and make your way to the exhaust outlet. If the engine is a few years old or older, be observant for leaks in the cylinder’s exhaust manifold.
  • Service the clutch: You cannot get far without a working clutch to power your snowmobile. Clutch maintenance involves proper belt traction and tension, so you definitely want the belt to hold onto and start in the right gear. Listen for squealing, which is a sign of a belt that is on too tight, while one that is loose may slowly work its way up to speed.
  • Check the track and skis: When your snowmobile’s front end is not lining up properly, you probably need to adjust the track and align the skis. Proper alignment makes for a smooth ride, while misalignments will hinder speed. You may need to take your sled into the shop for a professional realignment.
  • Tighten bolts and fasteners: Checking for loose bolts and fasteners is a maintenance task you can do at home. While this is a less common issue with modern snowmobiles, you should still check these components before and after use.

There are so many fun things to do when it snows. Some folks make snowmen or snow angels, while others can’t wait to hop on their winter toys and play atop the snow. Just remember to check for any maintenance needs at the start and end of the season. Visit Lake Ponemah Marina for a variety of services, including snowmobile and boat repair in Fenton, MI!

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