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Getting out on the water with a boat can be an incredible experience that you can share with family and friends. However, even though boats are designed with sufficient durability to withstand a variety of outdoor elements, they can sustain damage if they are not properly protected from the elements during offseason storage. Leaving boats sitting in the water and uncovered can lead to a variety of issues including moisture damage, mildew and mold development, debris accumulation, oxidation and more. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to prevent these kinds of issues from developing and causing damage... View Article

Info from a Boat Service in Fenton, MI: The Advantages of Replacing Your Pontoon Deck with Vinyl Materials

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If you own a pontoon boat, then you may be aware of the struggles that come along with carpet deck flooring. Sure, carpet is comfortable to walk on, prevents slipping and adds a feeling of home, but there are some downsides. Over time, and many soakings later, your pontoon deck carpet can become soft and moldy, and even begin to rot. A fishy smell is another indication that it’s time to replace your floor. But should you go with carpet again, or should you choose another type of decking material like vinyl? Vinyl flooring is common in home kitchens, bathrooms... View Article