Info from a Boat Service in Fenton, MI: The Advantages of Replacing Your Pontoon Deck with Vinyl Materials

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If you own a pontoon boat, then you may be aware of the struggles that come along with carpet deck flooring. Sure, carpet is comfortable to walk on, prevents slipping and adds a feeling of home, but there are some downsides. Over time, and many soakings later, your pontoon deck carpet can become soft and moldy, and even begin to rot. A fishy smell is another indication that it’s time to replace your floor. But should you go with carpet again, or should you choose another type of decking material like vinyl?

Vinyl flooring is common in home kitchens, bathrooms and other areas, and today’s vinyl looks nice—some even look like real hard flooring materials. So, is vinyl for you? Here’s some information from a boat service in Fenton, MI about the advantages of replacing your pontoon deck with vinyl materials:

  • Easy to clean: Vinyl is easier to keep clean than carpet. If you like to fish, swim or bring food onto your boat’s deck, then you’ll want quick and easy cleanup—especially after fish have touched the floor, when someone spills their drink or when you’re jumping back onto the boat after a dip in the water.
  • Easy to maintain: Another great thing about vinyl is that it won’t grow mold when covered up in storage, making it easy to maintain during the boating season. After use, simply hose the vinyl deck down, and consider pressure washing it before winterizing or after taking it out of storage. Let it dry before covering.
  • Has UV resistance: Carpet color will fade when exposed to the sun’s UV light, while most modern vinyl will not. This is because quality vinyl is UV stabilized.
  • Less noisy: Carpet is a popular choice for pontoon flooring due to its possible noise dampening capabilities. Luckily, there are some types of vinyl that are just as quiet thanks to added padding underneath.
  • Simple installation: Early vinyl flooring came in huge rolls, like for homes, but today, boats benefit from easy-to-install vinyl tiles. Get them in pre-glued, adhesive-backed sheets to peel and press into place, or purchase vinyl planks that can be snapped or glued together.
  • Good traction: Looking for non-skid flooring? Texturized vinyl can prevent slipping while on deck, while still being breathable to reduce mold and mildew growth.
  • Available in various sizes: Texturized woven vinyl is available in tiles or planks and in a variety of widths. Order anything from 8 to 30 feet in length!
  • Nice aesthetics: Not only is most pontoon vinyl flooring durable, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, not only does this material come in a variety of textures and colors, it also offers beautiful patterns that resemble real hard flooring, including stone, tile and teak.

Whether it’s time to re-deck your pontoon floor or you want something different, contact the team at Lake Ponemah Marina and ask about our re-decking boat service in Fenton, MI. We can replace your deck’s flooring with regular vinyl or woven vinyl materials. Call us today to learn more!

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