Four Good Reasons to Buy a Pontoon

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If you have been considering buying a pontoon boat, you might be wondering just what types of pursuits you might be able to enjoy with your purchase. There are actually quite a few activities that the space on a pontoon boat will allow for, and your local boat dealer in Fenton, MI is here to offer up some ideas on what you can do when you decide to take your pontoon out on the water.

Floating dinner party

If you are looking for a way to make your next dinner party unique, why not host it on your pontoon boat? This will give you multiple water-related dinner themes to choose from, and you can even have your friends bring dishes and make it a full-blown potluck to lighten your load. If you are really looking for some fun, you can set up a cooking competition on deck where everyone will have the chance to make some good food, and have an even better time.

Game night

Game night get-togethers are usually the highlight of the week or month for many, and having one out on the water can take this gathering to a whole new level. You can have a traditional game night where you serve food and break out your group’s favorite games, or you can utilize your pontoon’s space fully and create a mini-tournament with different stations that allow for optimal movement and conversational flow amongst your guests. If you know someone else with a pontoon on the same lake that might want to join in, you could even try organizing a grand tournament of some sort utilizing multiple boats.

Birthday party

While pontoon boats can be used to throw spectacular adult parties, your boat can just as easily be used to create a day of fun for your children as well. Having your child’s next birthday party on your pontoon creates endless options for a party theme, whether it is a Hawaiian luau for kids, or a pirate shipwreck.

Pontoon camping

Just as you can spend a night underneath the stars in the woods, imagine the views you will enjoy doing the same thing out on the water in your boat. With the space offered by a pontoon, you can make s’mores over the grill and then tell scary lake stories before turning in for the night. If you happen to be camping with a group of young scout members, you can also make the trip educational by adding activities like bird watching or other types of environmental studies.

If you are ready to get a pontoon boat so that you can try all of these activities and more, give us a call at Lake Ponemah Marina. As prominent local boat dealers in Fenton, MI, we have been specializing in matching families with the right boat for their needs for 25 years, and we are ready to help you and your family make the right selection to get you out on the water right away. Check out our inventory online or pay us a visit so the fun can begin today!

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