A Step-by-Step Guide to Polishing Your Pontoon Boat

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Having a pontoon boat is a fun and rewarding experience. Going out on the pontoon with friends and family, or even taking it out by yourself for a peaceful fishing trip, is an experience that simply does not get old. But if you want your pontoon to remain a source of fun, rather than an eyesore, then you will need to occasionally clean and polish it.

If you are new to pontoon ownership, then you might be wondering about the best way to go about cleaning your boat. Fortunately, we are here to help! Here is a step-by-step guide to pontoon boat maintenance in Fenton, MI.

Prep your pontoon

Do you pull your boat home with a trailer after using it, or do you leave it docked in a marina? If the latter is true for you, then there will probably be some algae and scummy buildup on your pontoon. Before you can get into the finer points of cleaning it, you will need to get rid of this buildup. And if you keep your pontoon in saltwater, then you will definitely need to clean it initially, as salt can easily build up on your boat.

If you don’t see any visible buildup on your boat, just simply rinse it and wipe it with a rag. That should be sufficient prepping for boats that don’t have any visible buildup on them.

Apply cleaner

Once you have removed algae and salt buildup from your pontoon, it is time to apply the cleaner. There are many different products you can use to clean your pontoon boat. Some people use acid baths, while some find products specifically intended for pontoons.

The majority of pontoon owners, however, will give you this advice: just use toilet bowl cleaner! Grab a bucket and mix two parts water with one part toilet bowl cleaner, and you’ve got the perfect pontoon boat cleaning solution.


Next, it is time to buff your boat! Buffing is what gives pontoons that beautiful mirror-like finish. It isn’t strictly necessary for keeping your boat clean, so you can skip this step if you don’t care much about appearances. But once you start buffing, you’ll find that you have one of the best-looking pontoon boats out there.

Invest in a good polisher, and keep in mind that buffing should take a good two hours on a standard sized pontoon. Buff your boat in an “s” pattern to keep the motions from being too visible.

After buffing, you’ll want to apply cleaner a second time before applying shark hide.

Shark hide

Finally, it is time to apply shark hide. No, this is not real shark hide—it’s a special cleaning product made to keep pontoons clean and shiny. Ask your pontoon specialist to recommend the best brand for you.

Now that you know more about pontoon boat maintenance in Fenton, MI, you are all set to keep your boat clean and shiny! And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the experts at Lake Ponemah Marina anytime.

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