Boat Storage

Not every boat owner has a safe, secure place to store their boat. To help make sure your boat remains properly put away during the offseason, Lake Ponemah Marina provides boat storage in Fenton, MI. Instead of covering your boat with a tarp and leaving it in your driveway, we provide a better, more reliable way to store it during the offseason.

Storage Throughout the Season

Whether you’re looking for a boat dock in Fenton, MI to tie off on during the season or indoor storage to protect your boat throughout the offseason, Lake Ponemah Marina is here to help. Stop in and speak to us about your boat storage needs and we’ll help you find a solution that properly protects your boat. Or, give us a call at 810-750-8443 to inquire about rates and options.


A core aspect of boat service in Fenton, MI we offer is shrink-wrapping. This enables us to completely cover your boat and protect it from the elements and intrusion. We’re fully licensed to provide shrink-wrapping and take care in being thorough throughout the process. Once thoroughly wrapped, your boat will be ready to weather the offseason safely.

Indoor Storage

If you want your boat completely protected and sheltered for the winter months, talk to us about our indoor docking abilities. We maintain facilities capable of housing your boat for long periods of time, safely under the supervision and care of our trustworthy staff. No one will have access to your vessel and it’ll be completely secure until you’re ready to hit the water once again.


Outdoor Storage

If you just need the space for boat storage, come to us! In addition to shrink-wrapping boats, we also offer outdoor storage that’s accommodating for boats of all sizes and types. Your boat will be safe on our premises throughout the offseason.