For boat owners, having a reliable and convenient place to store your boat when it is not in use is imperative. In addition to finding a convenient place to keep your boat, you also have to make sure that your boat is safe from both theft and potential damage while it is in storage. Here are some of the most common options for boat storage in Fenton, MI that might work well for you this summer.

Small boats that are less than 20 feet long

Here are some suggestions for smaller boats:

  • Upside-down on the round: Propping your boat upside-down on a block is one of the most common storage methods used. The hull of your boat serves as protection for the interior, while the block allows for proper air circulation under
  • Dry racks: Storage on dry racks is also used frequently for smaller boats. This involves the lifting of your boat on to a multi-story rack with a forklift, typically in a large warehouse storage building.
  • Trailer: If you have your own trailer that you use to transport your boat, you have the option of storing your boat right on the trailer in your own backyard or garage. Don’t forget to use a cover to make sure your boat remains protected, even if you do keep your boat inside.
  • Boat lift: If you have property on the water and have your own dock, a boat lift is a great way to store and protect your boat when you’re not using it. The equipment lifts your boat out of the water in between uses, and then lowers it back in for easy access whenever you are ready.

Midsized boats between 20 to 32 feet long

The storage options for midsized boats are similar to those for smaller boats, with trailers and boat lifts both being similarly suitable methods:

  • Wet dock: It is more common to see midsized boats utilizing wet dock storage. The major advantage of wet docking is that you are able to get right out on the water quickly without any hassle.
  • Dry racking: Although dry rack storage is frequently used for smaller boats, most storage buildings can also accommodate boats up to 26 feet as long as there is enough height in the racking to do so.

Large boats that are more than 32 feet long

There aren’t as many options for larger boats because it often does not make economic sense to transport them back and forth in between uses. This means that boats of this size generally remain on the water when not in use, most commonly on wet docks. While trailers can be used for larger boats, the costs for trailering boats longer than 26 feet can quickly become very expensive.

If you need a reliable location to store your boat in between uses this summer, make sure to contact us at Lake Ponemah Marina. With options for summer boat storage in Fenton, MI for boats of all shapes and sizes, our goal is to make getting out on the water as convenient as possible. We also offer long-term storage solutions for the winter. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is here to help in any way we can, so make sure you give us a call to learn more about what we can do to protect your boat.