At our boat service in Fenton, MI, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of brand new Suzuki and Yamaha outboards. Whenever you make a new boat purchase, it is important that you protect that purchase with a warranty.

Simply put, a boat is a significant investment. You should do everything you can to protect that investment. Suzuki offers a six-year extended warranty and Yamaha a five-year extended warranty.

Why exactly is it so important for owners of boats to purchase an extended warranty when buying from a boat service in Fenton, MI? Let’s take a look.

Colorado couple loses sailboat on second day owning it

One recent news story should give you more than enough reason to strongly consider purchasing an extended warranty for your boat.

A USA Today article tells the story of a Colorado couple who sold everything they owned to purchase a sailboat and head out on to the open seas. Unfortunately, this dream soon turned into a nightmare.

While on their way to Key West, the couple’s 28-foot sailboat hit something under the surface. Water quickly began to flood into the cabin, forcing the couple to quickly grab important possessions, cash, ID cards and Social Security cards, as well as their pug, while they called for rescue. A rescue boat arrived an hour later, but the water in the area was too shallow for it to fully approach.

This meant the couple had to jump into the water and leave behind their boat to helplessly capsize.

The couple had previously left Colorado to sell all of their belongings, including a car, to purchase the boat for $5,000. The husband’s father helped them learn to handle the boat over the next several months, and they routinely sailed from Alabama to Florida. The pair lived on the boat for the better part of the last five years, and then prepared to sail around the world.

After a year of preparation and another $5,000, the boat was ready to set sail. However, it would cost thousands more to remove the ship from the channel, and the couple has no money left in savings. They hope to continue their dream one day, but without a warranty in place and with no insurance on the boat, they simply did not have the coverage they needed to recoup their losses.

The couple is now left without a home, jobs and money.

Obviously, this is a bit of an extreme situation, but it demonstrates the importance of a warranty and insurance. There is simply no reason for a person to go out onto the water without these types of protections in place on their boat. You never know when the worst-case scenario will occur, and you could lose your boat forever without any financial protection.

At Lake Ponemah Marina, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality boat sales and services, and are pleased to be able to offer extended warranties on Suzuki and Yamaha watercraft. For more information about how you can protect your investment with extended warranties, contact our boat service in Fenton, MI today.