Summer is the perfect time to head out on the water with your boat for hours of swimming, fishing, sunbathing and relaxing with family and friends. Unfortunately, many boat owners plan their trips only to realize that their boat isn’t quite ready to hit the water. The truth is that vessels require constant boat service in Fenton, MI, just like cars or any other pieces of machinery, in order to avoid mechanical issues and make sure they’re ready to be used. One of the most serious problems for boat owners is the rusting of boat components. It’s essential that you take the steps necessary to prevent rust and make sure it stays in the best condition possible all year long.

Preventing rust

Nobody wants to deal with rust on their boat, but boats are very susceptible to this issue. By their very nature, boats are in the water on a regular basis, and that prolonged exposure to moisture is what can lead to the development of rust over time. This issue is even more common when boats are exposed to saltwater, which tends to accelerate corrosion and rust. Even if your boat is kept in dry storage, it may still develop rust as a result of humid, salty air in the area where it is stored.

You may not be able to prevent rust completely, but there are certain things that you can do to greatly reduce the likelihood that rust will develop. Every time you use your boat, especially in salt water, it’s a good idea to give it a quick rinse with freshwater and a mild cleaning product. If you store your boat out of the water, take the time to carefully dry all of its various components and surfaces to minimize moisture.

Another important thing you should do to prevent your boat from rusting is to get regular maintenance and boat service in Fenton, MI. Without regular inspections from a certified technician, serious problems with rust may go completely undetected before they get out of control. There are several products that can be used to treat rust and corrosion, but they must be used proactively to be truly effective. When a technician regularly inspects your boat, including its essential mechanical components, they will be able to spot small patches of rust and administer treatment before it spreads and becomes impossible to effectively treat. A technician can also provide you with service and storage recommendations so that you can keep your boat in the best condition possible.

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